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METAL DRAGON - 1880, 1940, 2000

This type could well be the most strong-willed of the Dragons. Honesty and integrity are paramount virtues to him and although he may be bright, open and expressive, he is also unbending and critical.

Action-oriented and combative, he will seek out and motivate those on his own level of intelligence or social standing. He has little patience with the lazy and the foolish. Unpliable Metal combined with his natural lunar sign, Wood, will also enable him to intimidate weaker beings into submitting to his will. Otherwise, he is the magnificent warrior at his best.

He is tremendously intense and will stake his life on his convictions. It is futile to try to convince him that certain things just cannot be done. This type of Dragon will try to exorcise whatever evil he sees in life and could be fanatical regarding his convictions and moral beliefs.

When he is negative, he will have exaggerated views of his own importance. He is a bit short on diplomacy and has the habit of going it alone if others disagree with him or refuse to accept his leadership.

The strong Metal Dragon will rush in where angels fear to tread. He will succeed because he will give himself no other recourse. He burns his bridges behind him so that he cannot turn back once he attacks.

WATER DRAGON - 1892, 1952, 2012

A less imperious type of Dragon who favors optimum growth and expansion. He can put aside his ego for the good of all and is less selfish and opinionated. An inhibited but progressive person, he tries hard not to be as conspicuous as other power-hungry Dragons. Neither is he going to be labeled as the conciliatory one. He can assume a wait-and-see attitude and his wits are as formidable as his strength of will.

The Water Dragon lives by the to-thine-own-self-be-true philosophy and will not seek revenge on those who choose to go the opposite way. Democratic and liberal-minded, he can accept defeat or rejection without bitterness.

Water is calming and beneficial to his lunar sign and he will know how to act wisely and do what is essential for his progress. He is quick and reliable and is capable of marketing his ideas with untiring devotion. He is likely to be successful as a negotiator, as he knows when, where and how to apply force.

His main drawback is that he may be like an overoptimistic builder who forgets to reinforce the foundation. By trying to hold on to too much he may lose everything. He must learn to make difficult choices and to relinquish whatever is unfeasible or unnecessary. This way, he will be able to devote his energies to fewer but more rewarding endeavors.

WOOD DRAGON - 1904, 1964, 2024

A creative and magnanimous type of Dragon capable of developing bright, new revolutionary concepts. Wood combined with his sign makes him good at formulating and implementing his ideas and working cooperatively with others, even if he may be a bit condescending on occasions.

Gifted with an exploratory nature, the Wood Dragon loves to look into cause and effect theories; his every action will be guided by sound logic. However, he also has a tendency to overinvestigate subjects or to submit people to endless debate when he is faced with opposition.

Nonetheless, here is a generous Dragon who is amendable to taking the middle road; who tries to offend as few people as possible; who subtly conceals his domineering ways. The Wood element produces a less fierce and unreasonable variety of Dragons who will compromise when he sees it is to his advantage. Still, as a Dragon, he will ultimately have to relate everything to his oversize ego and will condescend to change only when he is sure of the benefits to himself.

Not as vindictive or self-centered as Dragons of the other elements, he will still be outspoken, proud and fearless when challenged.

FIRE DRAGON - 1916, 1976, 2036

The most righteous, outgoing and competitive of all Dragons, the Fire Dragon will expect a lot from everyone. But while he may be demanding and aggressive, he is also blessed with enormous energy and has a lot to offer in return. The trouble is that he may go around with an air of superiority plus authority and make people fear or shy away from him. His leadership qualities are often marred by his desire to be treated like the Messiah. Fire matched with his forceful lunar sign will give him overzealous and dictatorial inclinations. He pushes too hard even where there is little resistance.

In reality, he is an open and humane person given to impartiality and uncovering the truth at all costs. His criticisms are objective and he has the power to arouse the masses with his vibrant personality. A natural empire builder, he will look toward the supreme order of things, with himself at the helm, of course.

Because the Fire Dragon is often enveloped by insatiable personal ambition, he is short-tempered, inconsiderate and unable to put up with anything less than perfection. He also overgeneralizes or jumps to conclusions, frequently lumping people into categories without allowing for or even perceiving their individual differences.

Nonetheless, here is a performer of the highest degree who could easily be a source of inspiration to his fellowman and a personality who will catch the public eye - when he learns to master his negative traits and communicate more humbly with others.

EARTH DRAGON - 1868, 1928, 1988

This sociable, executive-type Dragon will have a compulsive drive to control his environment and the people who surround him. As a Dragon, he is bound to be autocratic and it would be folly to expect less. However, he will be fair and appreciative of other people's opinions, even if he doesn't agree with them. Earth makes him realistic, stable and, oftentimes, even a bit impersonal.

Although not as severe as the other Dragons, he will still have the basic urge to subjugate others. But he will approach problems with reason and his leadership is less dictatorial. He works incessantly to develop his talents and exploit his resources.

The Earth Dragon's self-control does not mean that he is lacking in initiative. It's just that the Earth element influences him to be unhurried and his aspirations are more liable to be solid and uncluttered.

Straight as a rod, this aristocratic Dragon is quiet, strong and brave. Given to reflection and organization, his outbursts of temper will be few, nor will he demean himself by arguing with those beneath him when he is angered. However, he will retaliate quickly once his dignity is offended.

The following information came to me in dreams of the Dragon. Real Dragon Magick is not just using regular magick with Dragon images woven into it or creating fantasies about the Dragon and adding magick to them; it is magick given directly to us by the Dragon when we meet with it in other spaces. I use the term 'other spaces' to indicate that while dreams are usually remembrances of our travels on what we call the astral plane, this is not the normal habitation of the Dragon and sometimes not where our meetings with the Dragon occur. We are multi-dimensional beings, existing in many worlds, universes, times and dimensions simultaneously, and we sometimes manage to cross over into 'other spaces' during our spiritual seeking.

On Contacting the Dragon
Despite anything you may have read or heard, there is no relationship between Low Magick (such as Witchcraft) and the Dragon. There are not tons of Dragon spirits wandering around the astral waiting to be found by seekers, to personally guard them from trouble. The Dragon represents a universal spirit of immense power, and humans do not "have" Dragons - it's quite the other way around. If you are "of" the Dragon (have a bit of the Dragon in your spirit), then you may make contact with the Dragon. This is not a fast and easy process, but a turning of your spirit in the right direction (that is, towards the inner mysteries of the spirit, which is best represented in today's magickal mileau by extraterrrestrial mysteries).
First surround yourself with Dragon symbols - and, if possible, a Dragon piece of jewellry you can wear all the time, such as a ring. It helps if this is of silver, and is regularly charged in a meditation and/or ritual for spiritual guidance. You should read everything you can about magick (limiting yourself to the twinkie books on magick, such as those on Wicca will add years to your work). I advise you to get into Aleister Crowley's and Kenneth Grant's books. Take notes on those things you think are significant, and start writing down your dreams everyday. Basically, the more you are consumed with your magickal quest through being submerged in magickal studies, the more likely you are to make contact with the Dragon.

Entering The City of the Dragon
It is a walled city with three high towers and a circular vault-like Gate. On the Gate is a design like the old peace symbol of three lines moving from the center to the edges of the circle. In order to pass the Guardian of the Gate, you must answer the three riddles of the Dragon:
(1) What is the riddle of your self?
(2)What is the riddle of your quest?
(3)What is the riddle of the cities?
The answers to the riddles are three mantras vibrated as three musical notes which correlate to psychic centers:
(1) "A" - red root center
(2) "C" - yellow solar plexus center
(3) "E" - blue throat center
As you answer each riddle in turn, the Gate will go through three changes as it turns and opens:
(1) rotates clockwise one third and sinks inward (male)
(2) rotates clockwise one third and comes out (female)
(3) entire Gate sinks inward and opens (male & female)
In the City of the Dragon, each one who seeks spiritual transformation builds a Tower of his or her own through their efforts to transform.
Once, after doing pathwork on my own Tree of Knowledge to enter the City of the Dragon, I had a dream where I awoke in my tower in the City of the Dragon. I was laying on a slab of rock that rose from the floor, and standing over me were three robed beings. One was female and two were male. The female called herself Ha-Fra-Ti, and said she was an aspect of my Higher Self there to teach me about spiritual transformation. She had long dark hair and almond-shaped golden eyes. After metamorphosing into a red-head wearing a brief black leather outfit, she showed me her belt, which had the word "ILIL" on it. As I looked at it, the word reversed in my mind into "LILITH" and I suddenly understood something about a union with the Higher Self. Over the years, I've had many dreams of being in the tower with Ha-Fra-Ti teaching me things about magick.

Gaining Knowledge in the City of the Dragon
The Dragon took me into the center of the City of the Dragon. There was a square park surrounded by walls without an entrance. Those who pass through the Lake of Fire unharmed may pass through one of the walls as if it weren't there. Here dwells the Higher Self (seen as an aged couple strolling arm in arm), and here grows the Tree guarded by the Dragon. In the center of the park was a low domed building from which a continuous sound of partying emerged. I 'knew' that the party was made up of other aspects of myself, but I didn't get to investigate this, as my task this time was to speak to the Dragon of knowledge I could not fit together into a coherent pattern. The words emerged from me as glowing spheres of energy, which my Higher Self collected and fed to the Dragon. Once the Dragon had eaten and digested this 'food,' it excreted a seed which my Higher Self planted in the 'ground of my being.' The seed instantly sprouted and grew into a Tree of Knowledge whose topmost bloom contained a red-violet gem. This my Higher Self plucked and pushed into me, whereupon I was filled with light-energy and new understanding. One of my resulting flashes of insight was that a symbol of Saturn from the Key of Solomon, an inverted triangle with lines running from the points to the center, was a symbol by which the Dragon could be invoked.

The Mirror of the Soul
The Dragon took me to the City to show me the Mirror of the Soul. This Mirror has five sides, each showing a being who is part of one's soul, and who exists in his or her own reality. The Mirror can take different forms, such as an arc or a circle. ("Hear ye the words of the Fathers: There are only Arcs of Existence throughout the fabric of All-That-Is."--DreamMaster) This time, it was a circle, and the outside reflected the fronts of my aspects and the near future, while the inside reflected the backs and the recent past. I was there to refocus my energies to aid my Work of transformation. I started in the north and walked forward into my first reflection, integrated with it, and turned to face inward. I saw a pentagram inscribed on the ground, each point connecting one of the sides of the Mirror. I then walked the pentagram, merging with each of my aspects from behind before going on. As I approached my beginning point, the five aspects merged into one and I was pulled into a three-fold vortex of energies in the center of the Circle. Here I was told by the Dragon to circulate my energies to aid my transformation. Although on another level I actually had a nine-fold reflection of selves, the five-fold Mirror of the Soul, reflected the five most dominant aspects of the Nine.