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Breath Weapon Summary Chart for the Dragons Color/Dragon Color
Black-Acid Spray
Brass-Magical Light and Poisonous Scent
Bronze-Magical Light and Scent repulsive to non-Dumnonians
Copper-Magical Red Light and Poisonous Scent
Iron-Magical Silvery Light and Blast of Sound
Gold-Magical Purple Light and Sickeningly Sweet Scent
Green-Poisonous Gas
Orange-Airborne Mold
Silver-Electricity and Chlorine Gas
Steel-Magnetic Beam and Acid
Violet-Black Light
Yellow-Sulfurous Cloud

The ages of the lifecycle, then, look like this:

Hatchling (0-5 years)
Fledgling (6-15 years)
Stripling (16-25 years)
Young Adult (26-50 years)
Adult (51-250 years)
Elder (251-500 years)
Honored Elder (501-750 years)
Ancient (751-1000 years)
Honored Ancient (over 1000 years)

Dragon Races
Elemental Races
I started with the basics, the four elements. Elemental dragon races don't have the Messenger or Transport Dragon subtypes. Dragons of the Elemental races do not have the Transport or Messenger sub type. These two subtypes were created by human mages after the Elemental races disappeared and the other dragon races had made alliances with other races.

Air Dragons
Color: White

Pedigree: Evolved dragon

Powers: Summon Air (cause a wind storm), build up static electricity and cause lightning from this. Can also breathe a blast of super cold air.

Alignment: Generally good, but mainly unknown. They do hate earth dragons.

Air dragons were one of the original four races of dragons, they are now considered extinct, for at least a couple of thousand years. Elemental dragons of this type were thought to have been made of the air of Mycle itself. They could instantly move through their element to anywhere on Mycle.

Water Dragons
Color: Blue

Pedigree: Evolved dragon

Powers: Create clouds, call rains. Create Title waves. Breathe under water, and breath water like all dragons breath fire.

Alignment: Generally neutral with a good slant, mostly not caring about others. But they hate fire dragons.

Water dragons lived in the water, and rarely took to the air. They are considered extinct, but since they lived in water they were considered very rare before. Unlike other dragons that needed to live and breed on land they could hide from humans in the water. Elemental-dragons of this type could transport themselves anywhere on Mycle that had a big enough body of water for their body. Like Elemental Air Dragons, Elemental Water dragons where though to have been made of the waters of Mycle.

Fire Dragons
Color: Red

Pedigree: Evolved dragon

Powers: Breath so hot that it will melt anything.

Alignment: Evil, hate water dragons.

Fire dragons are the only elemental-dragons that are suspected of still being around. The Element Fire Dragons have the ability to look and talk through any size flame. They are thought of as evil imps and tempters. Little devils and demons that are suppose to sway men to evil. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen. But if it is true a cleric will have a hard time excercizing these dragons.

Earth Dragons
Color: brown

Pedigree: Evolved dragon

Powers: Cause Earthquakes

Alignment: Generally Evil, hates humans and Air Dragons, dislikes all other dragons, except water dragons.

These dragons are very protective of their element. Anyone who would set foot on any ground is instantly hated and they do their best to kill them. Earth Dragons are extinct, at least so humans hope. The wars between dragons and humans were between Earth Dragons and all others. They don't see themselves as evil, but all others consider them as evil.

Mutant Dragons
These dragons are dragons that are mutant offspring of other dragons. They either decided to become mutants themselves, or were freaks of nature.

Rock Dragons
Color: Brown, black, or pebbly. Any color or pattern that a rock takes these dragons can wear as a pattern on their skin's color.

Pedigree: Mutant Earth Dragon

Powers: Build up static electricity in rocks and can cause lightning to strike that location.

Alignment: Generally evil, but not as bad as Earth Dragons. Allies with Lava and Night dragons. Have a racial loathing for Earth Dragons.

Rock dragons live in the northern lands. Living in the mountains or on the rocky plains. They are very protective of their territory and are always trying to expand.

Night Dragons
Color: Black

Pedigree: Mutant Air Dragon

Powers: Cause a cloud of blackness around them. Have perfect Night vision, but can't stand sunlight for very long

Alignment: Generally Evil. Allies with Lava and Rock dragons. Hate Moon and Sun Dragons.

Night dragons usually live deep under the earth, in the darkest caves. They only come out at night.

Hybrid Dragons

Sun Dragons
Color: Yellow

Pedigree: Air and Fire Dragon cross

Powers: Can light up the night for a small area. Terrible night vision

Alignment: Generally Good, allies with moon and nature dragons.

Sun dragons generally fight along side the humans of the south.

Moon Dragons
Color: White to Black depending on the phase of the moon.

Pedigree: Sun and Night Dragons

Powers: Can light up the night and cancel out a Night Dragon's Powers during the day. Very good night vision. Don't like the light of the day but they can put up with it if they have to. They prefer the night though

Alignment: Generally good, allies with sun and nature dragons

Moon dragons were born when a Sun dragon tried to make a truce with the Night dragons. The alliance didn't last long but the Moon dragons were born.

Lava Dragons

Color: Black scales with glowing red highlights

Pedigree: Fire and Earth Dragons

Powers: Breath almost as hot as a Fire Dragon

Alignment: Generally Evil. Allies with Night and Rock dragons.

Lava dragons usually live in the volcanoes of the northern territories.

Nature Dragons
Color: Green

Pedigree: Earth and Water

Powers: Able to heal life, also cause plants to grow remarkably fast.

Alignment: Generally Good. Allies with Moon and Sun Dragons.

Nature dragons are allies with the humans of the south. They revere all life, and hate death and fighting. But that doesn't mean they will not fight. But mostly they serve as healers where their native gifts give them great abilities. With their ability to promote life and growth they can also take that life away from a foe.

Storm Dragons
Color: Grey

Pedigree: Water and Air dragons

Powers: Call Storms

Alignment: Unknown

No Water and Air dragons have ever mated to avoid creating this hybrid.



Origin: Norse Myth
Sigurd (also known as Siegfried) Volsung was told by the dwarf Regin to gain fame and power to slay a terrible dragon named Fafnir that guarded a huge mound of treasure.
Sigurd took up interest in this dragon, and recently was awarded with his father's broken sword (named Gram) which Regin forged back into one whole massive sword. Sigurd and the dwarf rode to find the fearless beast. What Sigurd did not know is that Regin's brother murdered their father to gain the wealth of the kingdom. This brother's name was Fafnir. Fafnir, because of his greed for gold and jewels changed his corrupt self into a massive dragon to protect his hoard better.

From what Sigurd knew of dragons, their tough,scaly hide on the top of the body was impregnable to any weapon. Regin suggested building a pit in which Sigurd could hide. So they both dug a pit outside of the dragon's lair. With Sigurd hiding, Regin covered the pit with branches. He waited hours for the dragon to come back from its daily visit to the watering hole nearby. Finally, a shadow covered the top of the pit, and Sigurd took the huge sword Gram in both hands and shoved as hard as he could up towards the exposed, soft belly of the dragon. With the dragon dead, Sigurd climbed out of his hiding place.

Regin then caved out the beast's heart to roast. When handing it to Sigurd to share, he burnt his hand and sucked on his fingers. Moments later he heard chattering, and surprised, looked up to see birds talking. They were saying how the dwarf was planning Sigurd's murder. He saw the truth in the dwarf's eyes and took out the sword and sliced off Regin's head. He went into the cave to claim the treasure as his own.


This is one of my favorite dragons

Not all dragons have wings*